2019 Spring Landscaping

Spring is quickly approaching, so we are starting to prepare for warmer weather and the growing season. 16 cubic yards of fresh Cypress chips will be delivered to the park play area by mid-March and spread shortly after. 440 bales of pine straw will be installed at the front and rear entrance as well as... Continue Reading →

Summer Flowers and Pine Straw

Our landscaper, Landscape Management of Irmo, has indicated that summer annuals will be installed at the front entrance soon. The goal is to get them in by Friday, May 11. Pine straw is also scheduled to be installed at the front entrance, park, and rear entrance soon. The goal was to get this in before... Continue Reading →

Entrance Weed and Feed Program

The Board recently made the decision to begin a turf weed and feed program at the front entrance.  We believe it is important for the entrance to look nice and a healthy, uniform turf is a critical part of that.  An attractive entrance is a source of pride and also helps draw prospective buyers in.... Continue Reading →

Fall Landscaping

The landscaper is scheduled to install fall flowers and fresh pine straw soon.  Later this month, the landscaping crew will plant fall flowers in the entrance bed.  They will remove the existing Vinca, prep the bed, install 10 flats of Pansies, and apply a fertilizer to stimulate growth.  This process may take a couple of... Continue Reading →

Spring Landscaping Updates

We received a delivery of 18 yards of Cypress chips--the maximum the landscape truck could haul--for the play area at the park.  The chips will be spread over the weekend.  We will likely need an additional six or more yards to bring the chips up to the recommended depth around the play structure fall areas while providing a good depth for long-term... Continue Reading →

Front Entrance Flower Bed Expansion

The board has approved an expansion of the flower bed at the base of the waterfall. The bed will be expanded by 12-18 inches along the front and sides of the bed.  Hopefully, this expansion will create a greater focal point and more color pop with a mass planting of summer and winter annuals. A... Continue Reading →

Cool Season Landscape Maintenance

We're entering into our cool season landscape maintenance period.  During this period, the landscaper will be out every two weeks to mow, edge, remove leaves and debris, and pick up any litter.  The cool season landscape maintenance schedule runs from October 1 through March 31. October is also the time we switch to a reduced watering... Continue Reading →

Entrance Water Line Replacement Project

In late May, Pinnacle Landscaping began a project to replace about two thirds of the main water line at the front entrance.  This is the line that services the waterfall and approximately 60 sprinklers at the entrance.  The water line replacement was driven by our inability to locate a costly water leak, estimated at about $750 per month... Continue Reading →

Delay on Spring Pine Straw

There will be a delay on getting our spring application of fresh pine straw.  The pine straw being put out was not a fresh, high quality material.  I asked the crew to stop and contacted the landscaper to let him know of our quality expectations. The landscaper said he would look into the quality issue and get it... Continue Reading →

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