Front Entrance Flower Bed Expansion

The board has approved an expansion of the flower bed at the base of the waterfall. The bed will be expanded by 12-18 inches along the front and sides of the bed.  Hopefully, this expansion will create a greater focal point and more color pop with a mass planting of summer and winter annuals.

A new drip irrigation zone will be installed in the newly expanded bed.  This will give us the ability to efficiently apply water to the annuals in both the summer and winter seasons.  Currently, to water the annuals we must run the turf sprinkler zone that covers the bed.  This is wasteful and expensive.  It also creates an under watering situation for the plants during the warm season and an over watering situation for the turf during the cool season.

The Waterfall Road median bed will be eliminated.  The soil and stones from this bed will be moved to the larger bed at the base of the waterfall.  The decision to do this was driven by the poor performance of the median bed during the winter months and our inability to water that bed without running the entire turf sprinkler zone.

The landscaper should start work on the bed this week.  He will also be adding a soil amendment to improve plant vigor and installing the winter annuals.  If things go as planned, work should be completed by the end of the week.

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