Frequently Asked Questions

Architecture Review

What must I submit for architecture review?

Please read the What Must I Submit for Architecture Review? article.


Are we required to use a specific mailbox or post?

Yes, your mailbox, post, and paper box must match the same style and color originally used by the builders.

Do I need architectural approval to replace my mailbox, paper box, or post?

No, you do not. However, you are required to replace the mailbox, post, and paper box with the same style and color. See below for details on how to order.

Where do I get a replacement mailbox?

Any standard black metal or plastic mailbox is acceptable. You can pick one up at any home improvement store.

Where do I get a replacement paper box and/or post?

Please send an email to waterfallmailboxes@gmail.com to request materials or schedule work to repair or replace your paper box and/or post.

Where do I get replacement numbers for my mailbox?

If you’re installing a new paper box, it will include the numbers.

To request a set of non-reflective white numbers, send an email to waterfallmailboxes@gmail.com.

If you would like reflective white numbers, you can call ADM Signs in Lexington at (803) 808-3837 to place an order for a custom set of reflective numbers.  As of this writing, you can get a set of self-adhesive, vinyl reflective numbers for both sides of your box for about $10.

My mailbox post/paper box needs a fresh coat of paint. What color should I use and where do I get the paint?

The color is Sherwin-Williams Country Squire. There are two Sherwin-Williams stores nearby:

  1. 7230 Woodrow St, Irmo. The store phone number is (803) 732-0639.
  2. 2720 N Lake Dr, Ste 402, Columbia. The store phone number is (803) 749-1712.


What efforts are being made to address speeding and rolling through stop signs within the neighborhood?

The board periodically notifies the Richland County Sheriff’s Department about speeding and rolling stop issues within our neighborhood. We are told that patrols will be increased to ticket those in violation of traffic laws. If you observe someone speeding, note the description and tag number of the vehicle and contact the Richland County Sheriff’s Department dispatch at (803) 252-2911.


There’s a problem with the street (e.g. pothole). Who do I report this to?

The streets within our community are maintained by Richland County. Please report problems to the Richland County Ombudsman Office One Call Response Center at (803) 929-6000.

Can we install a turn lane at the main entrance?

The short answer is no. The cost of this construction is not within the budget of the association. The best option is to petition the SC Department of Transportation. If you would like to volunteer to lead this effort, please contact the Board of Directors.


There’s a problem with the sidewalk. Who should I report this to?

The sidewalks are maintained by Richland County. If you find cracks or uneven edges that might pose a safety hazard, please report the problem(s) to the Richland County Ombudsman’s Office One Call Response Center at 929-6000. When calling, you will need to provide the street address of the problem area.

I found a portion of the sidewalk overgrown with vegetation. Who is responsible for removal?

The owner of the lot on which the sidewalk resides is responsible for keeping the sidewalk free of vegetation. If you find excessive vegetation, submit a violation form.

What can be done about people blocking the sidewalk with their vehicle?

If someone is parked in their driveway and their vehicle extends into the plane of the sidewalk, nothing can be done. This is an unfortunate consequence of the small size of our lots and driveways.

If someone is parking on a sidewalk on a regular basis and their vehicle is not in their driveway as described above, submit a violation form.


Can I prune the tree that sits between the sidewalk and street?

Yes, please keep the tree limbed up so that folks can walk beneath it and vehicles can drive by without hitting limbs. When you limb up the tree, please remove the entire limb. It is best to limb up the tree in the spring after the threat of a hard freeze is gone–typically after mid-April.

If you need assistance, or simply don’t have the tools, contact the Board for help.

I want to cut down the tree that sits between the sidewalk and road. Do I need approval?

The Willow Oak tree that sits between the sidewalk and the road is the property of the association. If you cut it down, you will be fined and you will be required to pay for its replacement.

Do I need approval to plant a tree on my property?

Yes, you must submit an Application for Architectural Review.


My street light is out or damaged. Who do I report this to?

The street lights are maintained by Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative (MCEC). Please report street light problems to MCEC at 749-6400.

The accent/landscape lights are out at the entrance. Who do I report this to?

Please contact the Board or MJS.


There is a dog, cat, or other critter roaming the neighborhood. Who do I report this to?

You should report this to Richland County Animal Control through the Richland County Ombudsman’s Office One Call Response Center at 929-6000.

My neighbor’s dog is barking too much. What can be done about this?

If you’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to discuss the problem with your neighbor, or you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you have two choices.

You can file a complaint with Richland County. The county has ordinances that cover nuisance animals. Owners can be fined up to $500 per day for violations. Contact the Richland County Ombudsman’s Office One Call Response Center at 929-6000.

Your other option is to submit a violation.


Has the board considered installing a pool in the park?

Yes, the board has investigated this and concluded that the initial construction, ongoing maintenance, and liability costs are too high. The initial construction would require a one time assessment of approximately $1000 per lot and the ongoing maintenance and liability insurance would require a $200 increase in our annual homeowner dues.

Has the board considered adding additional playground equipment to the park?

Yes, the board has been investigating this for the last several years. Currently, we do not have enough capital reserves to purchase the equipment and installation. Given the current state of the economy and the strain a one time assessment would put on families, we feel the best strategy is to leave this on our todo list until we have enough capital to fund the project without an additional assessment.


Why is the waterfall off?

The waterfall may be off for cleaning or because there is a mechanical or electrical issue. If it will be off for more than a few days, information is typically posted on the blog.

The waterfall is overflowing, who should I contact?

Please contact the Board or MJS.

There’s a mountain of soap suds over the waterfall, who should I contact?

Please contact the Board or MJS.

Is there any way to keep vandals from adding soap to the waterfall?

We add a defoamer to the waterfall from time to time, but due to cost, it is impractical to keep it sufficiently treated throughout the year. If suds are creating a hazard, we will add defoamer or shut down the waterfall.

Fire Pits

Are fire pits allowed in the community?

Yes, fire pits are allowed, assuming you will be using it in a safe area such as your driveway or patio and the smoke will not create a nuisance for neighbors. You should store your portable fire pit out of sight after use. If you will be installing a permanent fire pit, you need to submit an architectural review before doing so.

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