What Must I Submit for Architectural Review?

Folks are often unsure of what they need to submit for architectural review.  The short answer is that all changes must be submitted for review and approval before being made.  However, the Board documented and published some exceptions back in 2012.

Page 5 and 6 of the Architectural Guidelines describe the responsibility of a homeowner in the architectural control process, including what must be approved.  It indicates that any placement or installation, alteration, modification, or change to a Structure must be approved.  It describes a Structure as Any thing or object upon any portion of the Property.

There are a number of Structure examples, including things like decks, playground equipment, fences, swimming pools, appliances, yard art, basketball goals, etc.  That’s not an exhaustive list, so be sure to read the document to gain a full understanding of what is required.

In 2012, the Board recognized that the guidelines, which were created by the builder, were too burdensome.  For example, it seemed silly to ask folks to submit a review just to replace the flowers planted in an existing bed.  The Board published a list of common changes which would no longer require review.  The list was referred to as the Architectural Guideline Changes and it was distributed in flyer form with annual meeting notices.

For whatever reason, the guideline changes document was never published in digital form on the website.  As of today, that has been corrected.  A link to the guideline changes is now listed on the Association page in the Legal Documents section.

If you are considering a change to your home or property and it is not indicated in the Architectural Guideline Changes document as no longer requiring approval, you must submit an Application for Architectural Review.

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