New Street Signs Coming Soon

We are close to executing on the street sign replacement project discussed in the fallWe are currently working to finalize the design of the signs.  The goal is to start the project within the next few weeks.

We have selected Metro Signs for this project.  Metro Signs is a local company, based in Lexington, that specializes in custom sign design, manufacturing, and installation.  They’ve been in this business since 1969.  We feel their 48 years in business is a strong indication of their commitment to doing quality work.

Once the details are finalized, Metro Signs should immediately start the process of securing the materials, manufacturing the posts and signs, and installing.  This will be done in an iterative manner with the first batch of signs being installed in about three to four weeks after the manufacturing work starts.  Beyond that, new signs will go up about every two weeks.

The new signs and posts will be made of aluminum.  The paint will be sprayed on and a clear coat of polyurethane applied over the top to provide a deep sheen and protective layer.  Metro Signs indicates the finishing process is similar to automotive painting and we should expect the finish to last approximately 15 years before needing repainting.

Metro Signs has provided reference communities with signs and posts made of materials similar to what they propose for our community.  Some of the reference communities have signs that have been in place for 12 or more years.  We have visited a few of the reference sites and inspected the signs and posts to ensure the product is high quality and meet the durability claim.

This project will cost the association $20,206.95 and be funded through a combination of capital reserves and operating funds.  While this is more than what we paid in the last sign project, we feel the new signs and posts will look fantastic and improve the look and value of our community.

More soon!

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  1. It’s difficult to complain about an issue when you haven’t kept up with things in your own neighborhood and you have neglected to attend HOA meetings and visit the Waterfall HOA website. But myself, along with a lot of my other neighbors are in the same “boat”. I attended the HOA meeting Tuesday night (3/20/18) and was shocked to find out that the HOA (board of directors) have decided to replace all street signs and the stop signs in our neighborhood. This is being done at a cost of just over $20,000.
    I inquired as to why this burden is falling on the HOA and not Richland county. I was informed that the county can provide this service, but the Board of Directors thought it best to use a private company to build and use a more aesthetically pleasing signage. Upon hearing this, several things have come to light. Number one, it seems that it would be a good idea to gather input from all the homeowners in Waterfall before making such a decision. Number two, after reading the ‘lawyer’ written bylaws it seems there is no limit set as to the amount of money that our Board of directors can spend at their discretion. I just hope more of my neighbors will become more involved with the day-to-day operations of our HOA and the board of directors.
    Thanks for listening… Dan Pratt 705 Whitewater Dr.

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