Sign Work Started

Metro Signs has begun work on our new street signs and posts.  As you can see in the pictures below, they've cut and welded the first set of posts and painted the first set of sign backings.  The first batch of posts and signs should be installed by Wednesday, April 4.  As mentioned in the... Continue Reading →

New Street Signs Coming Soon

We are close to executing on the street sign replacement project discussed in the fall.  We are currently working to finalize the design of the signs.  The goal is to start the project within the next few weeks. We have selected Metro Signs for this project.  Metro Signs is a local company, based in Lexington,... Continue Reading →

New Street Signs

By our estimates, the street signs throughout the neighborhood are between seven and eight years old.  They’re really beginning to show their age as many are faded and some have warped.  They’re still effective at directing travelers and emergency personnel through the neighborhood, but they have become an eye sore. We recently awarded the job... Continue Reading →

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