New Street Signs

By our estimates, the street signs throughout the neighborhood are between seven and eight years old.  They’re really beginning to show their age as many are faded and some have warped.  They’re still effective at directing travelers and emergency personnel through the neighborhood, but they have become an eye sore.

We recently awarded the job of creating and installing new street signs to ADM Signs. 

ADM Signs is currently in the process of making the replacement signs.  This roughly involves cutting boards to match the pattern of the existing signs, painting them with multiple coats of exterior paint, giving the paint time to cure thoroughly, printing weather resistant reflective vinyl lettering, and applying the lettering to the painted boards.

It is my understanding that once they complete the signs, they will be out in the neighborhood replacing the old ones.  This ensures we have a very short period of time (i.e. minutes) without a sign in place.

While they’re out replacing the signs, they’ll also freshen up the paint on the support brackets and install gold painted caps on each post.

We should start to see the new signs soon as the estimated duration was about two weeks.  The project started about ten days ago.

The cost of this project breaks down as follows:

  1. 28 New Street Blades at $64.50 ea: $1806
  2. Paint 31 Support Brackets at $20 ea: $620
  3. Purchase 15 Caps at $18 ea: $270
  4. Paint 15 Caps: $60
  5. Install Blades and Caps: $400

The total cost should be under $3400 with taxes.  This will be funded from capital reserves.

I also want to note that the three signs installed earlier in the year will also be replaced when ADM Signs is out replacing the other signs.  We recently discovered that those signs didn’t have reflective lettering.  ADM Signs has agreed to replace those at no charge.

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