The Waterfall Homeowners Association is a not-for-profit corporation whose primary mission is to ensure that our neighborhood is always a wonderful place to live.

With the help of MJS, Inc., we manage the day-to-day operation of the association—maintenance of our beautiful waterfall, park, and other common areas; enforcement of the covenants; and approval of any changes you wish to make to your home or property.

We are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Board of Directors

The board consists of five directors. The directors are community members who volunteer their time for three-year terms. The terms are staggered so that typically two positions are up for reelection on an annual basis. The directors are elected by the association members at the annual meeting typically held in February or March.

The current directors are (term expiration noted in parentheses):

  1. Steffonie Cockrill (2024)
  2. Maureen Kline (2023)
  3. Jamie Pearson (2025)
  4. George Stapleton (2023)
  5. Mary Tyrell (2025)

Legal Documents

We are governed by the following legal documents:




The Architecture committee is responsible for reviewing and approving changes you wish to make to your property. The guidelines established in the Amended Declaration, Rules and Regulations, and Architectural Guidelines are used to determine if your changes meet the standards for the community and will be allowed. You can request review of your desired change by submitting an Application for Architectural Review form. Please note that a failure to submit for review prior to work can result in fines and/or, potentially, an expensive rework or removal of the changes.

The committee is also responsible for reviewing covenant violations and instituting corrections when needed. You can ask the committee to investigate a possible covenant violation by submitting a violation form.


The Communication committee is responsible for all forms of communication via the website, letters, and flyers.


The Landscaping committee is responsible for managing the maintenance of the common areas (e.g. park, main entrance) to ensure they continue to be beautiful for all to enjoy. The committee also manages the Yard of the Month program.

Crime Watch

We urge you to visit the Richland County Sheriff’s Department Safety Tips page for great safety tips.


The Social committee plans various social events throughout the year so we can all get to know our neighbors better.

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