2021 Assessment and Budget

As of this post, all owners should have received their 2021 assessment and budget. We felt it important to note a few things about those. For 2021, our assessment remained at $285. This is the charged amount in the assessment letter and attached budget references. This is the sixth year we've maintained that charged assessment.... Continue Reading →

New Waterfall Pump Has Arrived

The new waterfall pump has arrived. We again went with the 3HP Munro water feature pump. This pump has proven to be reliable and is a little less expensive to purchase and operate than other pumps we've used in the past. The total purchase price was $1,219.70. Barring uncooperative weather and unforeseen issues, the pump... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Down

The waterfall is currently down and out for the count.  A quick check suggests the pump may have failed.  I will be doing additional diagnostics over the weekend to determine if it is the pump, the circuit, or the breaker.  The pump has been in service for about 5.5 years now.  The circuit and breaker... Continue Reading →

2019 Fall Landscaping Update

Fall weather has finally arrived, marking the point where we transition from our summer landscaping to winter.  We have switched to an every other week winter mowing and leaf removal schedule.  This will continue until April 1 of next year. We will be removing the Impatiens and planting winter Pansies at the front entrance sometime... Continue Reading →

Sidewalk Repairs

The following sidewalks have been reported to Richland County for repair work:      203/209 Whitewater Dr.      304-306 Whitewater Dr.      406-408 Whitewater Dr.      413-415 Whitewater Dr.      419-427 Whitewater Dr.      522 Whitewater Dr. Per the county, repair work is scheduled to be completed within the next... Continue Reading →

Email for Mailbox Parts and Repairs

You can now email to order parts or schedule repair of your paper box or mailbox post.  Ross Kline, who took over repair work from Jon Simmons, recently created this email address to make it easier for folks to contact him.  

Street Tree Limbing Work

The board has approved having a landscaping crew limb up the Willow Oak trees that line the streets in the community. This work is expected to start within the next week. Palmetto Cutt Landscaping, with whom community resident Jason R. is a partner, will be working on the street trees to remove limbs up to... Continue Reading →

July Yard of the Month

Our July Yard of the Month is 308 Whitewater Drive. We are thankful to have such a beautifully maintained home in our community! Yard of the month winners receive a $50 Lowes gift card.  We will recognize the yard of the month again in August and September.

Entrance Tree Removal and Sodding

The board has approved removal of the three River Birch trees around the waterfall. The River Birch trees have been a beautiful part of the entrance over the years, but they've reached a size that makes them a regular target for pruning by the utility company.  They're unsightly when pruned heavily and the remaining drooping... Continue Reading →

2019 Spring Landscaping

Spring is quickly approaching, so we are starting to prepare for warmer weather and the growing season. 16 cubic yards of fresh Cypress chips will be delivered to the park play area by mid-March and spread shortly after. 440 bales of pine straw will be installed at the front and rear entrance as well as... Continue Reading →

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