2022 Board Members

Board member elections were held at our annual meeting on Monday, March 21. The following members were elected as directors:

  • Steffonie Cockerill
  • Jamie Pearson
  • Mary Tyrell

Board member Cynthia Harrison recently stepped down from her position on the board. The board appointed George Stapleton to serve the remainder of her term.

With the elections and appointment, our 2022 board members are listed below, with term expiration noted in parentheses:

  • Steffonie Cockrill (2024)
  • Maureen Kline (2023)
  • Jamie Pearson (2025)
  • George Stapleton (2023)
  • Mary Tyrell (2025)

Please welcome our new board members.  We are grateful to have folks willing to volunteer their time to serve on the board and look forward to working together.

The board will be meeting soon to elect officers and discuss our agenda and goals for the year.

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