Waterfall Out

You’ve probably noticed the waterfall is not working again.  I noticed it out last Friday afternoon.  I checked and found that something is causing the breaker to trip.

Carolina Fountain has been notified and they indicate they’ll be out to perform initial diagnosis today (Tuesday). 

I’m not sure where we go from here.  If they honor their warranty, it’ll probably be repaired.  If not, we have to think long and hard about whether it’s worth repairing again.

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  1. I know these posts have been up since last year but my hoa fees have increased also
    THIS year. Please inform me of any updates about the issue on the waterfall. I could not attend the annual meeting. I also noticed when I moved out here 3 years ago the association put together a directory for who was on the board and the residents of the waterfall.
    Thank you!!

  2. OK, this has got rediculous…FIX the Thing or change the name of the addition to Dry River Bed…It’s been a year. You all need to quit discussing and make a decision. In the meantime, don’t ask for an increase in HOA fees next year or you will have an all our revolt….trying to be patient.


    1. Monty,

      We are working toward a repair. A vender has been selected and we’re now wrapping up a few details to get started. I will provide additional details soon.

      Your frustration is understandable. I hope you recognize the need to ensure we don’t continue to spend approximately $3000 per year on waterfall repairs. When you add in the electricity the waterfall consumes–slightly more than $200 per month–we’re spending over $5500 per year on it. That’s a little over $31 per lot per year. I believe we have an opportunity to reduce both the maintenance and electricity expenses.

      As always, your patience is appreciated.


  3. Yes I am well aware of that as I saw the expenses for 3 years while I was on the board. I also know that it costs a lot of money to water grass and keep the entrance nice and the signs mantained and such, but that’s what the dues are for. That is why we moved here, the hope that things would be kept nice and our property values would stay up. I’m all for being conservative and thinking things through and getting the best deal, but I would like to see things done in a more timely manner. I realize you all have some “diverse” personalities on the board. Just know that I’m not the only one that is a little frustrated with what seems to be a board that can’t make a decision and move forward.

    The age of the addition is also contributing to the perception. The new has worn off and the recession has caused some to loose their homes or have not been able to sell them and therefore rent. Most renters have little care for the homes they live in, and it is beginning to show. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, so I’ll quit typing.


    1. I’m with you 100% Monty. I’m very bothered by the amount of time it has taken to get the water fall in working condition.

      You are also right about renters. They don’t keep the yards up and they park in the grass and ruin it. It is beginning to look like a run down neighborhood. I guess we are headed in that direction for sure.

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