New Waterfall Pump Has Arrived

The new waterfall pump has arrived. We again went with the 3HP Munro water feature pump. This pump has proven to be reliable and is a little less expensive to purchase and operate than other pumps we've used in the past. The total purchase price was $1,219.70. Barring uncooperative weather and unforeseen issues, the pump... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Down

The waterfall is currently down and out for the count.  A quick check suggests the pump may have failed.  I will be doing additional diagnostics over the weekend to determine if it is the pump, the circuit, or the breaker.  The pump has been in service for about 5.5 years now.  The circuit and breaker... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Cleaning

Someone poured soap in the waterfall last night causing it to overflow. The waterfall has been shut down until it can be cleaned. I will try to get it cleaned up sometime this weekend.

Front Entrance Repair Work Starting Soon

MJS has been coordinating repair work to the front entrance with the City of Columbia. The City of Columbia has contracted with a landscaper to make the repairs. They expect to start work very soon and to have everything completed within 30-45 days. The following are concerns they've been asked to address: Main water line appears... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Off for Maintenance

Brookegreen was out on Friday to inspect the waterfall to determine the cause of the reduced flow. They found that a large amount of leaves had collected in the bottom of the lower basin, blocking the intake on the pump. MJS is getting a couple of estimates to pump the water out of the basin... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Pump Repair Update

Grindex has completed repair of the pump. It will ship out from Chicago tomorrow--Oct 20. I will provide an update on installation once Brookgreen has the pump and has us on their schedule.

Waterfall Pump is Out

Brookegreen and DNB Electric were out on Monday to complete the electrical work and perform final inspection.  Once power was restored, they found that the pump ran briefly and then threw the breaker.  Brookegreen immediately contacted the manufacturer. Brookegreen and DNB Electric discussed the situation with the manufacturer.  The manufacturer believes there is a defect... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Outage

The waterfall is currently out due to a loss of power.  Brookegreen came out on Thursday to diagnose and determined there is a short in the circuit that supplies power.  DNB Electric will be out next week, assuming we have some dry weather, to install a new breaker and circuit.  The new circuit will be... Continue Reading →

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