Front Entrance Repair Work Starting Soon

MJS has been coordinating repair work to the front entrance with the City of Columbia. The City of Columbia has contracted with a landscaper to make the repairs. They expect to start work very soon and to have everything completed within 30-45 days.

The following are concerns they’ve been asked to address:

  1. Main water line appears to be cut to waterfall and sprinkler system.
  2. Sprinkler zones pipes are damaged along Broad River Road.
  3. Sprinkler zone wiring is damaged along left of Waterfall.
  4. Light wiring is damaged along left of Waterfall and crossing to right of entrance.
  5. Lost summer annuals due to damaged/inoperative sprinkler system (on left hand side).
  6. Shrubs (Wax Myrtles and Loropetalums) and trees (River Birch) were damaged along Broad River Road. One very large River Birch to left of waterfall along Broad River Road had severe root damage and needs to be monitored.
  7. Some trees (mostly Pines) and shrubs (Wax Myrtles) were completely removed behind waterfall along Broad River Road.
  8. Lost all sod along Broad River Road on both sides of the entrance. This was Centipede sod.
  9. Median curbing was busted up by equipment.
  10. Entrance roadway needs to be repaved in area of trenching.
  11. If sprinkler system is not restored soon, we stand a chance of losing the remaining turf around the entrance as we move into the heat of summer.

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