Sidewalk Repairs

The following sidewalks have been reported to Richland County for repair work:      203/209 Whitewater Dr.      304-306 Whitewater Dr.      406-408 Whitewater Dr.      413-415 Whitewater Dr.      419-427 Whitewater Dr.      522 Whitewater Dr. Per the county, repair work is scheduled to be completed within the next... Continue Reading →

Street Tree Limbing Work

The board has approved having a landscaping crew limb up the Willow Oak trees that line the streets in the community. This work is expected to start within the next week. Palmetto Cutt Landscaping, with whom community resident Jason R. is a partner, will be working on the street trees to remove limbs up to... Continue Reading →

Sign Work Started

Metro Signs has begun work on our new street signs and posts.  As you can see in the pictures below, they've cut and welded the first set of posts and painted the first set of sign backings.  The first batch of posts and signs should be installed by Wednesday, April 4.  As mentioned in the... Continue Reading →

New Street Signs Coming Soon

We are close to executing on the street sign replacement project discussed in the fall.  We are currently working to finalize the design of the signs.  The goal is to start the project within the next few weeks. We have selected Metro Signs for this project.  Metro Signs is a local company, based in Lexington,... Continue Reading →

Street Sign Update

The Board has been looking at options for refreshing or replacing the street signs and posts throughout the community. We initially considered repairing and repainting the posts along with cleaning and applying a clear coat to the signs. After looking at the condition of the posts and signs, we felt this option would still involve... Continue Reading →

Street Signs Refresh

After six years, the street signs and posts are again showing some age.  The signs were last replaced in 2010 at a cost of $3,400.  The posts were painted at the same time by board members Cris Samuel and Maureen Kline (BIG thank you!), a savings of over $1,000 based on estimates we received at... Continue Reading →

Entrance Water Line Replacement Project

In late May, Pinnacle Landscaping began a project to replace about two thirds of the main water line at the front entrance.  This is the line that services the waterfall and approximately 60 sprinklers at the entrance.  The water line replacement was driven by our inability to locate a costly water leak, estimated at about $750 per month... Continue Reading →

Front Entrance Repair Work Starting Soon

MJS has been coordinating repair work to the front entrance with the City of Columbia. The City of Columbia has contracted with a landscaper to make the repairs. They expect to start work very soon and to have everything completed within 30-45 days. The following are concerns they've been asked to address: Main water line appears... Continue Reading →

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