Street Tree Limbing Work

The board has approved having a landscaping crew limb up the Willow Oak trees that line the streets in the community. This work is expected to start within the next week.

Palmetto Cutt Landscaping, with whom community resident Jason R. is a partner, will be working on the street trees to remove limbs up to a height of eight feet from the ground. The removed limbs will be hauled away to the landfill.

We have asked Jason and his team to follow the pruning practices outlined in the Clemson Extension Tree Pruning guide to ensure the risk of disease or damage is minimized.  As such, limbs will be removed back to the trunk.  This may look odd at first, but the remaining lower limbs will eventually droop a little as the trees adjust to maximize the spread of the leaf canopy.

Given recent feedback, the board sought new estimates to have this work done without the need to raise the annual assessment or require a special assessment. After evaluating a range of estimates and our year to date spending versus budget, the board felt this work could be taken on without the need to collect additional funds.

This work does not establish a precedent that street tree pruning will be performed or funded by the association in the future.  As is outlined by our governing documents, this maintenance is ultimately the responsibility of each owner.  The board is always willing to consider how the association might help with this, but we also need to weigh the impact funding would have on the fees we pay.


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