Street Signs Refresh

After six years, the street signs and posts are again showing some age.  The signs were last replaced in 2010 at a cost of $3,400.  The posts were painted at the same time by board members Cris Samuel and Maureen Kline (BIG thank you!), a savings of over $1,000 based on estimates we received at the time.

When we discussed options for the signs over the summer, without knowledge of the total cost of the entrance water line replacement, we thought we could restore the posts and seal the signs to keep costs down and buy us another year or two.  That may still be the best option.

But now that the cost of the entrance water line replacement is known, and it came in at the lower end of estimates, we’re also going to evaluate replacing the signs with new metal signs.

It is our belief that metal signs would be attractive, more durable, and last longer, barring theft.  Of course, we would like to retain the distinctive look that matches the waterfall theme we currently have.

Since we’ll potentially need to coordinate paint color, painting the posts will be on hold until we evaluate the new sign option.  We will also ask for estimates on replacing them with metal posts.

The current signs still fill their purpose–directing folks and emergency personnel through our community.  Some are certainly unsightly, but given that they work, we have some time to investigate the options that will make our community look great and provide the best value.  As always, we appreciate your patience.

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