Park Play Structure Replacement

The board has been discussing options for the Ark/boat.  We considered a restoration project, but ultimately decided on a replacement.  We feel a new play structure with more appeal to a broader range of kids is the best option.  We also like the idea of using a structure design that is open, ensuring that folks don’t have a place for questionable activities.

We’re currently in the process of evaluating structure options and getting pricing for removal and installation.  At this stage, we don’t yet have an ETA on when work will start. Please know that the board is fully committed to installing a new structure and sprucing up the area around it.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this.  It was important to fully understand the cost of the front entrance water line replacement–which was $6,200, but could have been as high as $10,000–before moving on to other big projects.

More soon!


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