Waterfall Off for Maintenance

Brookegreen was out on Friday to inspect the waterfall to determine the cause of the reduced flow. They found that a large amount of leaves had collected in the bottom of the lower basin, blocking the intake on the pump. MJS is getting a couple of estimates to pump the water out of the basin... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Landscape Maintenance

We have scheduled some landscape maintenance that should be completed in the coming weeks.  Some of the work will be quite drastic, so I thought it would be good to let everyone know what to expect.The most drastic, and perhaps shocking, changes you’ll see will be pruning of many of the shrubs.  Some, such as... Continue Reading →

Waterfall and Light Update

The fun with the waterfall and entrance lights continues. In brief, I expect someone to be out to restore the lights sometime this week.  I have no ETA on the waterfall at the moment.Lights We had a broken wire that took out the lights along the right side of the waterfall.  It’s not clear how... Continue Reading →

Sprinklers Out in Park

The landscaper informed me this week that the sprinkler controller in the park has malfunctioned again.  The controller is no longer holding its programming.  The controller first malfunctioned in August, but the failure went unnoticed until mid-September when the turf and shrubs started showing signs of extreme stress.  We thought a fresh set of batteries... Continue Reading →

Dry Turf in Common Areas

You’ve probably noticed the turf in the common areas looking dry.  I thought you might want to know what’s going on with this. First, we’ve deliberately cut back on watering to control our spending.  We are projecting to exceed our water budget for the year.  As you can see from the graph below, the watering... Continue Reading →

New Street Signs

By our estimates, the street signs throughout the neighborhood are between seven and eight years old.  They’re really beginning to show their age as many are faded and some have warped.  They’re still effective at directing travelers and emergency personnel through the neighborhood, but they have become an eye sore. We recently awarded the job... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Out

You’ve probably noticed the waterfall is not working again.  I noticed it out last Friday afternoon.  I checked and found that something is causing the breaker to trip. Carolina Fountain has been notified and they indicate they’ll be out to perform initial diagnosis today (Tuesday).  I’m not sure where we go from here.  If they... Continue Reading →

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