Upcoming Landscape Maintenance

We have scheduled some landscape maintenance that should be completed in the coming weeks.  Some of the work will be quite drastic, so I thought it would be good to let everyone know what to expect.

The most drastic, and perhaps shocking, changes you’ll see will be pruning of many of the shrubs.  Some, such as the overgrown Privet in the park, will be pruned down to the ground.  Do not worry, the landscaper assures us that this is perfectly okay and will ultimately enhance the look of the shrubs.  In fact, given the aggressive growth rate of Privet, he recommends doing this on a yearly basis.

The distressed Azaleas in the park will be removed.  They will be replaced, with a different shrub that’s more tolerant of our hot summer sun, at some yet to be determined time.

The Loropetalums at the main entrance will be pruned to reduce their height and to make each shrub an individual plant.  The goal of this is to open up the area so that it looks less overgrown.  For visual appeal, the landscaper recommended that we either allow them all to grow into a solid hedge or return each to individual shrubs.  To help with the goal of opening things up, we chose to return them to individual shrubs.  Again, this may seem drastic at first, but the landscaper says it’ll pay off once we reach the growing season.

The landscaper will be limbing up the trees to draw the eye under the canopy and give the area a cleaner look.  This will also allow the accent lighting to flood the area more and should enhance the look at night—especially so as the trees regain leaves in the spring.

Lastly, much needed repairs will be made to the sprinkler system at the entrance and park.  This should help improve the watering efficiency of the system and, possibly, help to reduce our overall water usage a little.  If you are interested, here’s what the landscaper will be doing to the sprinkler system:

  1. Replacing 27 rotors
  2. Replacing one spray head
  3. Replacing three nozzles
  4. Raising four sprinkler heads

The total cost of this work will be $1020 with a 20 percent discount for scheduling the work in February—the landscaper’s slow month.

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