Upcoming Landscape Maintenance

We have scheduled some landscape maintenance that should be completed in the coming weeks.  Some of the work will be quite drastic, so I thought it would be good to let everyone know what to expect.The most drastic, and perhaps shocking, changes you’ll see will be pruning of many of the shrubs.  Some, such as... Continue Reading →

Sprinklers Out in Park

The landscaper informed me this week that the sprinkler controller in the park has malfunctioned again.  The controller is no longer holding its programming.  The controller first malfunctioned in August, but the failure went unnoticed until mid-September when the turf and shrubs started showing signs of extreme stress.  We thought a fresh set of batteries... Continue Reading →

Park Sprinkler Update

This week, I received a copy of the September water bill for the park.  It showed that the park sprinklers had not been on at all since mid-August.  We had consumed no water since the last meter reading in mid-August. I talked with the landscaper about the situation.  They found that the controller in the... Continue Reading →

Sprinklers Broken in Park

I spoke with the landscaper today and he informed me that the sprinklers are off in the park because we have a broken valve.  He has ordered the parts and expects to have them repaired by Tuesday of next week.  Once he has the sprinklers operational, he will fertilize and start a regular watering schedule.

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