Park Sprinkler Update

This week, I received a copy of the September water bill for the park.  It showed that the park sprinklers had not been on at all since mid-August.  We had consumed no water since the last meter reading in mid-August.

I talked with the landscaper about the situation.  They found that the controller in the park had malfunctioned due to corroded batteries and a power failure.  He had his crew replace the batteries in the controller, reprogram, and then test to ensure proper operation. 

I asked him to modify his process a little to help catch this situation earlier in the future.  Any time they see a dry situation, I asked that he have his crew check the sprinkler controller for proper operation before requesting approval to increase the watering. 

While they were replacing batteries in the inoperable controller, I had them go ahead and replace the batteries in the other two controllers we have (one at the front and one at the rear entrance).  I don’t want a repeat situation in the other areas due to a failure in a set of inexpensive batteries.

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