2019 Spring Landscaping

Spring is quickly approaching, so we are starting to prepare for warmer weather and the growing season.

16 cubic yards of fresh Cypress chips will be delivered to the park play area by mid-March and spread shortly after.

440 bales of pine straw will be installed at the front and rear entrance as well as the park.  I have asked the landscaper to target late March or early April so that this is in place by Easter.

A fresh application of fire ant control should be broadcast in the park by mid- to late-April.

Summer annuals will be planted at the front entrance once the threat of frost passes and we have completed a soil test to check for nutrient deficiencies.  I anticipate this being sometime in late April.

The landscaping crew will resume weekly mowing and edging the first week of April.

The turf management company continues to work on improving the turf grass and getting the annual bluegrass and weeds under control at the front entrance.  The rain has made control challenging, particularly the annual bluegrass, but things are better than they were before we started this program.  A high-quality turf requires multiple years of pre- and post-emergent herbicide and fertilization.  We should see more improvements throughout our second year with this program.  Our goal is to have most of the annual bluegrass and weeds suppressed by this time next year.

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