Fall Landscaping

The landscaper is scheduled to install fall flowers and fresh pine straw soon. 

Later this month, the landscaping crew will plant fall flowers in the entrance bed.  They will remove the existing Vinca, prep the bed, install 10 flats of Pansies, and apply a fertilizer to stimulate growth.  This process may take a couple of days to complete, depending on when they start.  We will water the flowers aggressively for a few weeks to help them get established.

Sometime in the first half of November, the landscaper will be installing fresh pine straw.  Unlike past years where we’ve painted the straw, we’ve elected to install fresh straw this fall.  We’ve been painting in the fall now for several years to cut expense (~$1000 vs ~$3000), but this has left the straw very thin in some places.  As it weathers, it becomes unsightly, or simply blows away, exposing bare ground.

I’ve asked the landscaper to hold the straw application a bit later to attempt to get good fresh straw from this harvest season.  That being said, I’ve also asked that he try to get it installed before Thanksgiving to ensure the beds look nice for folks that may be visiting over the extended holiday weekend.

As of October 1, the routine landscape maintenance switches over to every two weeks.  The maintenance crew will be out every two weeks to pick up litter, mulch/remove leaves, tidy up edging, and fluff the edges of the pine straw.  Weekly service resumes in April.


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