Cool Season Landscape Maintenance

We're entering into our cool season landscape maintenance period.  During this period, the landscaper will be out every two weeks to mow, edge, remove leaves and debris, and pick up any litter.  The cool season landscape maintenance schedule runs from October 1 through March 31. October is also the time we switch to a reduced watering... Continue Reading →

Entrance Water Line Replacement Project

In late May, Pinnacle Landscaping began a project to replace about two thirds of the main water line at the front entrance.  This is the line that services the waterfall and approximately 60 sprinklers at the entrance.  The water line replacement was driven by our inability to locate a costly water leak, estimated at about $750 per month... Continue Reading →

Delay on Spring Pine Straw

There will be a delay on getting our spring application of fresh pine straw.  The pine straw being put out was not a fresh, high quality material.  I asked the crew to stop and contacted the landscaper to let him know of our quality expectations. The landscaper said he would look into the quality issue and get it... Continue Reading →

Warm Season Landscape Maintenance Resumes

The landscaper recently resumed warm season landscape maintenance.  This weekly service, performed at the front entrance, park, and rear entrance, includes mowing, edging, and removal of debris and litter. It's important to note that litter and debris removal is performed once a week, during the landscape maintenance.  We do not pay the landscaper to pick up litter on a daily... Continue Reading →

October Landscaping Work

Within the next week or so, the landscaper will be installing winter flowers, putting down fresh pine straw, removing weeds from beds, and pruning the entrance shrubs. Now that we're in October, they will be running on a two week mowing and leaf removal schedule. Weekly service will resume next April.

Front Entrance Repair Work Starting Soon

MJS has been coordinating repair work to the front entrance with the City of Columbia. The City of Columbia has contracted with a landscaper to make the repairs. They expect to start work very soon and to have everything completed within 30-45 days. The following are concerns they've been asked to address: Main water line appears... Continue Reading →

May Yard of the Month

We awarded the May Yard of the Month to the Ellis family.  Thank you Ellis family for the beautiful yard. While out to present the award, the Ellis’ gave me a tour of their backyard.  It’s just as beautiful as the front. Please visit the Yard of the Month page to see a photo of... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Landscape Maintenance

We have scheduled some landscape maintenance that should be completed in the coming weeks.  Some of the work will be quite drastic, so I thought it would be good to let everyone know what to expect.The most drastic, and perhaps shocking, changes you’ll see will be pruning of many of the shrubs.  Some, such as... Continue Reading →

Please Prune Your Street Tree

February through early March is the perfect time of year to prune your street tree(s). I talked with Wes Harper—our landscaper—and he indicated that now would be a good time of the year to prune the street trees as well as most others.  He recommends removing the limbs on the lower one third of the... Continue Reading →

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