Waterfall Repair Approved

The board has completed its due diligence and approved the repair of the waterfall at a cost of $7525.  The repair will cover the following:

  • Pump replacement.  A new, higher duty pump will be installed.
  • Sealant.  The reservoirs will be sealed to prevent water loss.  This is done every couple of years.
  • Screens.  The screens will be augmented to help filter out debris that might lodge in the pump.
  • Cleaning.  The waterfall reservoirs and exterior will be cleaned.
  • Timer.  A timer will be installed to control the hours in which the pump will operate.  Our goal is to turn the pump off for 6-8 hours late at night to save electricity—the pump consumes about $2000 a year—and reduce the service hours on the pump.
  • Circuit.  A new 220 volt circuit will be installed to supply power to the pump.  Unlike the current circuit, the new circuit will be buried in conduit to protect the wire.  The wire will be a heavier gauge wire to ensure the circuit can supply the current needed without placing stress on the wire or pump.  A new breaker will also be installed.

Brookegreen will perform the waterfall repair and maintenance.  Brookegreen was selected, out of five initial candidates, for their stellar customer referrals and portfolio of commercial landscape design and maintenance work, including large water feature installation and maintenance.  In 2008, Brookegreen won a City of Columbia award for their design work at the Alfac office in downtown Columbia.

DNB Electric, a licensed electrical contractor, has been selected to perform the electrical work.

Work will commence as soon as the schedules of Brookegreen and DNB Electric permit.

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