Waterfall is Running!

Brookegreen had the waterfall running at around 12:15 today.  They’ll be monitoring it for a bit this afternoon to ensure it is maintaining the proper water level and flow.

Waterfall Pump to Arrive Tuesday

Brookegreen has informed me that Fedex Freight has delivery of the pump scheduled for Tuesday.  I am awaiting details on when they’ll be able to work the installation into their schedule.  I will provide an update when I get the installation date.

Waterfall Repair Schedule

Brookegreen has indicated, based on their current backlog of work, that they will begin the waterfall repair in mid-July.  DNB Electric will be scheduled to perform the electrical work a week or two in advance of Brookegreen.

Waterfall Repair Approved

The board has completed its due diligence and approved the repair of the waterfall at a cost of $7525.  The repair will cover the following: Pump replacement.  A new, higher duty pump will be installed. Sealant.  The reservoirs will be sealed to prevent water loss.  This is done every couple of years. Screens.  The screens... Continue Reading →

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