Waterfall Repair

Installation of a new waterfall pump is underway.

We estimate completion to be November 26.


2 thoughts on “Waterfall Repair

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  1. Is there a valid reason why it has taken as long as it has to make this happen? Why don’t we have any other entry’s in reference to the waterfall for over a year? This is terribly disappointing.

  2. The waterfall is a beautiful feature of our neighborhood. But having the waterfall fixed at the expense of raising our annual dues was not an option.

    Knowing we had to repair or replace the pump, the Board of Directors watched the budget carefully. We limited spending, making sure we didn’t overspend and tried to stay under budget where ever possible. At the end of the summer, with the help of Jamie, the repairs started and should be completed soon.

    I’m sorry your disappointed about not having any entries about the waterfall repairs. There probably should have been something said; but there wasn’t any new news until recently.

    Thanks for your comment, hope to see you at the Annual Meeting in 2015.

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