Waterfall Pump Repair Update

Grindex has completed repair of the pump. It will ship out from Chicago tomorrow--Oct 20. I will provide an update on installation once Brookgreen has the pump and has us on their schedule.

Waterfall Pump is Out

Brookegreen and DNB Electric were out on Monday to complete the electrical work and perform final inspection.  Once power was restored, they found that the pump ran briefly and then threw the breaker.  Brookegreen immediately contacted the manufacturer. Brookegreen and DNB Electric discussed the situation with the manufacturer.  The manufacturer believes there is a defect... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Outage

The waterfall is currently out due to a loss of power.  Brookegreen came out on Thursday to diagnose and determined there is a short in the circuit that supplies power.  DNB Electric will be out next week, assuming we have some dry weather, to install a new breaker and circuit.  The new circuit will be... Continue Reading →

Waterfall is Running!

Brookegreen had the waterfall running at around 12:15 today.  They’ll be monitoring it for a bit this afternoon to ensure it is maintaining the proper water level and flow.

Waterfall Pump to Arrive Tuesday

Brookegreen has informed me that Fedex Freight has delivery of the pump scheduled for Tuesday.  I am awaiting details on when they’ll be able to work the installation into their schedule.  I will provide an update when I get the installation date.

Waterfall Repair Update

I hope many of you have noticed the recent activity around the waterfall.  While it is not moving quite as quickly as we had hoped, work has begun.  On Friday, July 22, Brookegreen was out to drain the basin and perform a detailed inspection of the plumbing, electrical, basins, screens, and the stream bed. Brookegreen... Continue Reading →

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