2011 Board of Directors

Our annual meeting was held this morning at River Springs Church.  The primary purpose of this meeting was to elect two people to fill the two director terms that were expiring.

The following were elected as directors and will be serving a three year term on the board:

  • Maureen Kline (re-elected)
  • Mike Samuel

Your 2011 board members are:

  • Maureen Kline – President
  • Jamie Pearson – Vice President
  • Mike Samuel – Secretary
  • Rick Boranian – Treasurer
  • Renee Lindler – Director

Please welcome new board member Mike Samuel.  Mike has served on the board in the past and brings great experience and enthusiasm to the board.

We’d also like to express a very big thank thank you to outgoing board member Cris Samuel.  Cris has made numerous positive contributions to the community during her time on the board.  She is our sole welcome committee member, personally creating and delivering welcome baskets to new neighbors.  She’s also been very active with our community socials, service days, and other service projects completed by the board.  Just last year, she and Maureen Kline volunteered their time to repaint all the sign posts throughout the neighborhood.  The value of this work, based on estimates we received, was $1100.

We always need more neighbors like Cris making contributions, big or small, to the community.  If you are interested in joining one of our committees or serving during one of our community socials or service days, please contact the board of directors.

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