Does It Seem Dark Around Your Home?

Have you noticed that the area around your home is darker than it used to be?  If so, please look around and see if the street light that sits nearby is dimly lit or, perhaps, completely out.  If you find either situation, please contact Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative at 803-749-6400 and report the outage or excessively... Continue Reading →


It was recently suggested that we consider building a pool in the park.  The topic comes up from time to time and was last investigated 4-5 years ago. We thought we'd ask MJS to provide some updated numbers so we could assess the feasibility of such a project.  MJS provided the following rough estimates. $150,000 to build the... Continue Reading →

Community Phone Directory

Several people have suggested we update the community phone directory that was created several years ago.  In the new version, we'd only publish your name and phone number.  You would be given the opportunity to opt in or out.  For safety, there would be no mention of children.  We're also considering publishing this on the... Continue Reading →

Basketball Goal Rule Change

The board has voted to remove the restriction on storing basketball goals in one's driveway while not in use.  We recognize the basketball goals can be very heavy and cumbersome to move; therefore, we have voted to allow them to be stored in the driveway while not in use.  A few common sense rules: Please... Continue Reading →

Playground Equipment

At the last several annual meetings I’ve attended, proposals have been put forth to install additional playground equipment in the park (e.g. swings).  What sort of equipment do you think we should plan for or should we do nothing at all? Please email the board or leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

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