Waterfall Update

The board met this past weekend to discuss how to proceed with the waterfall.

The waterfall has been repaired at least once in the last three years.  According to financial data provided by MJS, we’ve been spending approximately $3000 a year on the waterfall during that time.

The breakdown this summer is the second of this year.  It is not clear as to what the problem is.  Carolina Fountains—our waterfall maintenance contractor—will need to get physical access to the submerged pump to perform additional diagnostic work.  They’ve indicated that the pump may be bad, it may have something lodged in it, or there may be an obstruction in a one of the pipes.

If Carolina Fountains determines the pump has failed, they will send it to the manufacturer for additional testing.  This is necessary because the pump is under a one year warranty, having just been installed back in May.  They tell us that if the manufacturer determines that the pump failure is the result of a power surge (e.g. lightning), the pump warranty will be void.

Regardless of the pump warranty, Carolina Fountains must charge for their labor to diagnose the problem and remove/reinstall the pump.  They quoted us up to $400 for the diagnostic work and up to $400 to reinstall the pump should a new one be needed.

We listened to arguments both for and against another repair.  Ultimately, we voted 4 to 1 to approve up to $800 on the repair.  This will cover the diagnostic work and reinstallation of the pump.

If it turns out that the pump is not covered under warranty, we will put a vote to eliminate or repair the waterfall to the community at the annual meeting in January.  Part of the elimination proposal would be an alternate design, created by a landscape architect, that matches the scale and beauty of the waterfall.

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