Is a Person’s Life Worth 30 Seconds of Your Time?

We continue to have issues with people speeding through the neighborhood.  Just this afternoon, I was out walking with my children and there were two cars within a period of ten minutes that went speeding by on Whitewater Drive. 

As a father of children who occasionally do something spontaneous like chase a ball out into the road, I ask you to please keep your speed to 20 MPH or less.  A child’s life cannot be worth the 30 seconds you save by speeding through the neighborhood. 

Assuming you travel 30 MPH from the front to the back of the neighborhood—about 1/2 mile—you shave 30 seconds off the time it would take you to reach your destination had you been going 20 MPH.  It’s surprising, isn’t it?  You thought you were saving so much time.

You can calculate it yourself using this handy speed, distance, and time calculator. 

Is a person’s life worth 30 seconds of your time?  I hope so and thank you for taking time out of your hectic life to help protect all the people that walk, bike, and play in our community.

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