Update on Broken Waterfall

We’ve reviewed the quote on repairing the waterfall and the board has voted to move forward with the repair.

We are taking a few extra steps with this repair to ensure long operation out of the new pump:

  1. We are having a low water shutoff switch installed.  If the water gets too low for any reason (e.g. a leak, no water from supply line), the switch will turn off the pump.
  2. We will establish a maintenance contract with a service company to regularly inspect and clean the waterfall.
  3. We are having the plumbing inspected by a plumber to ensure that deactivation of the sprinkler system does not cut water to the waterfall.
  4. We will have a lock installed on the water supply line to ensure no one inadvertently turns the water off.
  5. We are going to experiment with a defoaming chemical to neutralize any detergent poured into the waterfall.  Detergent is harmful to the pump.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the process of ensuring our investment is well protected and will serve us for many years.

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