Welcome Neighborhood Watch Chair

Please join us in welcoming our new Neighborhood Watch committee chair Elinor Fibel. Elinor will be leading efforts to educate folks on safety and keep us informed of issues in the area around our community. Elinor will be speaking more about her role and the neighborhood watch at our upcoming annual meeting.  Details will be provided in the annual meeting notice you... Continue Reading →

Sidewalks Fixed

Richland County contacted me this morning and indicated they have completed repairs to the sidewalks in the neighborhood. I remain impressed with how quickly they jumped on the problems, especially in this tough economy.

Update on Sidewalk Issues

I got a call from Richard Player with Richland County's Roads and Drainage division today.  He told me that they have inspected the problem areas I recently reported and have determined that repairs are needed.  He said they're entering a new budget cycle and, as such, there will be a slight delay on the repair.  He... Continue Reading →

Speeding Update

I got a follow-up call from Deputy Pittman today.  He said he spoke with the traffic division and they will be patrolling the neighborhood for speeding in the next few weeks.  They will also place the radar wagon in the neighborhood next week to remind people of the speed limit.  If you regularly speed through the neighborhood, consider... Continue Reading →

How to Curb Speeding

I emailed and talked with Deputy Pittman with the Richland County Sheriff Department (RCSD) Monday afternoon about the speeding problem we have in the neighborhood.  Deputy Pittman is a member of the Community Action Team responsible for the region that covers our neighborhood. I asked him about steps we could take to help curb the speeding. ... Continue Reading →

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