Watch Your Step!

It seems we have a few issues that might make walking on some parts of our sidewalks a bit hazardous.

Someone recently contacted the board to inquire on who was responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in the neighborhood.  This person had fallen on a problem spot and gotten hurt.  That’s not something you expect to happen while walking on relatively new sidewalks like ours.

It is the responsibility of Richland County to maintain the sidewalks.  They’ve been contacted about uneven edges near:

  1. 12 Whitewater Ct
  2. 609 Whitewater Dr
  3. 1 Coolwater Ct

I thought this was a good time to mention a few things we can all do to keep the sidewalks safe.

Uneven Edges

Uneven edges can develop as the sidewalks settle or tree roots push them up.  This, of course, can create fall hazards. 

If you see  a problem like this, your first action should be to note the location (i.e. street address) and contact Richland County at 929-6000.  Secondly, please contact the board to make us aware of the problem.  If you do that, we can follow up with the county periodically to check the progress of the correction.

Overgrown Vegetation

Overgrown vegetation can create fall or eye hazards (in the case of trees).  Depending on the size of the obstacle created by the vegetation, it can also be inconvenient and annoying to have to navigate around it.  And for those with disabilities, it may make an entire portion of the sidewalk inaccessible.

Please check the sidewalk around your property for any vegetation that might be growing over it.  If you find something like this, please remove it. 

It’s important to note that trees should generally be pruned in the winter or early spring.  This is especially true for the oaks that line the streets throughout the neighborhood.  Unless you have a serious problem with the oak tree near your sidewalk, it’s best to wait to prune it at the recommended time.

If you notice a vegetation problem in front of someone else’s property, please note the address and contact the board.


Please be aware that parking a vehicle on the sidewalk, in the front of your property or in your driveway, creates obstacles for people trying to use it.  This is an inconvenience for adults and a safety issue for small children.  And as with overgrown vegetation, it may make a portion of the sidewalk inaccessible for those with disabilities.

To really stress the point about the safety of children, consider that more often than not, children are going to choose the easiest route around your vehicle—the road.  That puts them at risk of being hit by a vehicle traveling in the road (remember our speeding problem).

We recognize that the short driveways and narrow streets in our neighborhood make it difficult to avoid blocking the sidewalks in some instances.  We kindly ask you to be aware of the problem and to try to minimize this practice as much as possible.  Your cooperation is appreciated by everyone.

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