Dead Tree in Park

You've probably noticed that we have another dead tree in the park. We're in the process of getting quotes for removal. The tree should be removed in the next few weeks.

Sprinklers Broken in Park

I spoke with the landscaper today and he informed me that the sprinklers are off in the park because we have a broken valve.  He has ordered the parts and expects to have them repaired by Tuesday of next week.  Once he has the sprinklers operational, he will fertilize and start a regular watering schedule.

Community Service Day Summary

I wanted to recap the work that we completed over the last two Saturdays and extend another thanks to everyone who participated. Work we completed: Planted daylilies at intersection of Whitewater Dr and Whitewater Dr Spread chips around the ark. Pressure washed the ark. Sanded the ark. Replaced decaying boards on ark. Installed GFCI outlet at power... Continue Reading →

Community Service Day Photos

We had another group out at the park this morning working on some of the service projects.  We planted daylilies, sanded the ark, and replaced some boards on the ark that had deteriorated.  Thanks to Ollie, Renee, Maureen, and Cris for helping me. Here are a few photos:

Playground Equipment

At the last several annual meetings I’ve attended, proposals have been put forth to install additional playground equipment in the park (e.g. swings).  What sort of equipment do you think we should plan for or should we do nothing at all? Please email the board or leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

Reminder of Community Service Day

Our community service day is tomorrow, April 24.  We’ll be starting at 9 AM.  Please meet at the ark. We hope to see lots of you at the park!  We also understand that some have busy spring sports schedules or other events that may not align with the day/time we’ve chosen.  And if this sort... Continue Reading →

Community Service Day

Please join us at 9 AM on Saturday, April 24th, for a community service day at the park. Get to know your neighbors while: Pruning and/or removing shrubs Repairing, sanding, and staining the ark Spreading mulch around the ark If you have them, bring your gloves, rake, shovel, pruning shears, belt sander, portable grinder, hammer,... Continue Reading →

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