Community Service Day Summary

I wanted to recap the work that we completed over the last two Saturdays and extend another thanks to everyone who participated.

Work we completed:

  • Planted daylilies at intersection of Whitewater Dr and Whitewater Dr
  • Spread chips around the ark.
  • Pressure washed the ark.
  • Sanded the ark.
  • Replaced decaying boards on ark.
  • Installed GFCI outlet at power panel.

We will be staining the ark and completing a few more repairs (i.e. ladder and ramp) in the weeks to come.

I want to thank the following for helping with the service projects: Cammie, Chris, Cris, Maureen, Ollie, Renee, Rick, Ross, and the anonymous guy who came walking up with shovel in hand as we were spreading the last chips (that was a great way to cap that rain-soaked morning). I really enjoyed working with all of you on these projects. I got to know everyone a bit more and that was fantastic. It made quick work of everything. 

I hope to see more people out at the next service day (October?).

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