Community Service Day Rescheduled

Due to the early rain on Saturday, we were not able to complete many of the things we had planned to do in the park.

We’ll try again on Saturday, May 1, at 9 AM.  Items left to do:

  1. Sand and seal the ark.
  2. Prune the shrubs.
  3. Plant daylilies.

We managed to get a small crew together to spread the mulch around the ark.  A very big thank you to Chris, Cammie, Maureen, and Rick for braving the rain with me to do this.  We got 12 cubic yards spread in less than one hour!

Thanks to Kenny at Lake Murray Landscape Supply for supplying the mulch at a discounted rate. Please show your appreciation to our neighbor by shopping for your landscaping needs at Lake Murray Landscape Supply.

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