Website Update

We are in the process of making some updates to our website.  The first phase of this work involves moving the site from the current hosting provider to WordPress.  WordPress is a popular and powerful platform for creating and hosting websites and blogs.  In fact, WordPress claims to power 30 percent of the internet--a staggering... Continue Reading →

I recently made some changes to the look of the website. These were driven primarily by the desire to make the site easier to use on increasingly popular smartphones and tablets. The website now uses a responsive design that adjusts the layout based on the physical screen width of the device you are using. For... Continue Reading →

Website Updates

I made a few updates to the website this evening. I added a new services page to advertise services provided by members of the community.  This was a feature of the newsletter that we had not yet added to the website.  Visit the services page to see the services provided by your neighbors or to... Continue Reading →

Update Your Website Update Alerts

If you registered with to get update alerts for our website, please visit the notifications page again and re-register.  Unfortunately, I goofed. When I set up the form to submit the registration, I targeted the home page instead of the news and events page.  Since (annoyingly) only monitors the one page you... Continue Reading →

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