Website Updates

I made a few updates to the website this evening.

I added a new services page to advertise services provided by members of the community.  This was a feature of the newsletter that we had not yet added to the website.  Visit the services page to see the services provided by your neighbors or to learn how to get your services advertised.

I added our newest committee—the social committee—to the association page.  I’ll let you visit the association page to learn more about this.

I added our newest board member, Renee Lindler, to the association page.  I’ll blog about this soon.

I revised the chair for the communication committee.  I am replacing Cris as the chair for this committee.  Cris suggested this change since I have taken over management of the website and blog.  Cris will be the chair of the new social committee.  Cris will also help with the landscape committee.

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