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We are in the process of making some updates to our website.  The first phase of this work involves moving the site from the current hosting provider to WordPress.  WordPress is a popular and powerful platform for creating and hosting websites and blogs.  In fact, WordPress claims to power 30 percent of the internet–a staggering number of sites and blogs.

Our blog had been hosted on the free, ad-supported, WordPress plan for a number of years.  Moving the website to WordPress allows us to apply the funds we were spending on hosting toward an upgrade to a WordPress Premium plan.  This removes ads from the blog (and site pages), providing a more professional and enjoyable experience.  A nice bonus is that the cost of moving to WordPress Premium will be less than what we’re currently paying for hosting!

Combining the website with the blog creates a more seamless experience for readers.  All of our content will be in one place, making it easier to find. And the site and blog will be reachable with one domain–

WordPress also makes our content easier to read on smartphones, which are the device of choice to browse the web for many folks these days.  With the site hosted on WordPress, our pages and posts will be responsive–they’ll automatically adjust to the size of the screen used to view them.  Desktop, laptop, and tablet users need not worry, the site will still work just fine from those devices.

The move to WordPress has been completed as of this post.  In the coming months, we’ll be working on content and more visual updates to the site.  If you find broken links, particularly on the site pages that were moved, please email the Board.  If you have marketing or real estate experience, and are willing to volunteer some time to help improve how we market our community through the home/welcome page, please email the Board.


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