Photos of the Waterfall

To give you a different perspective on the machine we call the waterfall, I took some photos while cleaning it.

The view out of the lower basin.  You can see the screen that keeps large debris out of the basin and the gap that has formed beneath it.  I’ll be attaching some hardware cloth to it to help filter the debris.



Not exactly high tech or industrial—toilet valves control the water flow from the water supply line.



The two failed pumps, electrical wiring, and pipes that carry water to the upper basin.  You can also see the float switch (small bluish can) that shuts power off if the water gets too low.



Some of the rotting debris at the bottom of the lower basin.  It was much cleaner than I was expecting.



A view out of the manhole early this morning.



A few additional manhole views.

WP_000243 WP_000252


The upper basin with screen after having removed the layer of leaves that had collected.



An example of the shoddy electrical work—exposed wires and electrical tape can be seen everywhere.



A shot of the stream bed after cleaning out the weeds, leaves, and limbs.


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  1. Yes thanks for the hard work in the hot weather. Let me know if I can help. Looking forward to getting it going again…Monty

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