Today is the Deadline for Getting Architecture Review Requests in for Existing Items

Today is the deadline for submitting architecture review requests for any existing items that you may not have submitted in the past.

From the Board of Directors:

The Waterfall Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is accepting applications for any architectural changes you may have done or are planning to do to your property. For your convenience we have put the covenants, rules, regulations and all governing documents, as well as, forms you will need to apply for changes to your property, on our website – Filing applications is free of charge.

As a covenanted community, having a well maintained home and mailbox, not parking on the median or sidewalks, not parking utility or camping trailers in the open, keeping your yard mowed and edged, and taking in your trash can within 24 hours are all part of our covenants.

In an effort to make sure that all applications have been received for any architectural changes, the ARC will be accepting applications to correct any oversight from you as the current homeowner or a previous owner. If you are not sure if an application has been submitted, contact MJS Inc. @ 803.743.0600 or

After 30 days of receipt of this letter, the ARC will be working with the Board of Directors and MJS Inc. to send violation notices to all non-compliant homeowners.

Please take a moment and complete the necessary forms and avoid the risk of being in violation of the covenants of our neighborhood. Being in violation will result in fines, possible lawyer fees and a foreclosable lien being placed on your property for non-payment.

Applications will be handled as quickly as possible. Having an incomplete application will delay the approval process. Please visit the website for additional information and recent guideline changes.

Any homeowner failing to abide by the covenants of Waterfall are subject to a $50.00 fine and a $15.00 processing fee for the first violation. Any additional infraction for the same violation, will double the amount of the previous fine plus the processing fee for each filing. Any cost for legal action taken as a result of an architectural violation will be the responsibility of the homeowner, not the Association.

Keeping the covenants upheld insures the beauty and value of our neighborhood, keeping up appearances is even more important in these tough economic times.

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