2nd Annual Red, White, and Blue Bike Parade and Ice Cream Social

IMG_0981We’re holding our second annual bike parade and ice cream social on Saturday, July 2.

The bike decorating will start at 9 AM in the park.   We’ll supply some decorations, but encourage the kids to bring some of their own to personalize their creation.

Once the bikes are all decked out, we’ll ride them around the parade route loop.  We’re hoping to get lots of cheers from a lot of really friendly people in the neighborhood as we make our way back to the park.

Once we return to the park, we’ll all enjoy some ice cream!

Schedule of Events
9:00 – Bike decorating begins in the park.
9:30ish – Bike parade.  View the parade route on our map.
10:00ish – Ice cream social.

What You Need to Do for the Bike Parade

Parents, bring your kids and bikes to the park at 9 AM on Saturday, July 2.  We encourage parents to ride or walk with us in the parade (I’ll be riding my bike).  Even if you don’tindependence_day have a child in the parade, you’re welcome to join us.

If you’re going to be in the parade, wear some festive Independence Day colors.

If you’re not in the parade, we hope you’ll set up your favorite chair in the park, or along the route, and cheer the kids on as they pass by.  This will really make the experience memorable for them and I’m certain you’ll get some big smiles in return.


Please be especially watchful while driving in the neighborhood the morning of the parade.

During the parade, we will block portions of the parade route while the kids are riding.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  The duration should be brief.

If you’re going to be riding a bike in the parade, wear a good pair of shoes that won’t slip off while peddling.  Also remember to bring your bike helmet if you have one.


Like other recent socials, the bike parade and ice cream social is being funded entirely by donations from members of the board.  No association funds are being spent on the social.

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