Please Restrain and Clean Up After Your Pet

The board recently received a complaint from a Waterfall resident who has grown frustrated with cleaning up dog poop in his yard.

This problem isn’t isolated to his yard.  I’ve observed this in my own front yard from time to time.  I’ve also seen lots of evidence of this in the park.

If your dog, cat, or other animal poops somewhere other than your own property, you need to clean it up.  Richland County ordinance 066-04HR, § I, 10-28-04 states such.

Section 5-6 of the Richland County Code covers the failure to clean up animal excrement and could result in a fine of up to $500 or up to 30 days in jail or both.

Additionally, section 5-5 indicates that no animal shall be allowed to roam at large.  The same fine applies.

If you observe a dog or other animal roaming the neighborhood, report the stray animal to the Richland County One Call Response Center at 929-6000.  Likewise, contact the One Call Response Center if you observe someone not cleaning up after their pet.

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