It was recently suggested that we consider building a pool in the park.  The topic comes up from time to time and was last investigated 4-5 years ago.

We thought we’d ask MJS to provide some updated numbers so we could assess the feasibility of such a project.  MJS provided the following rough estimates.

$150,000 to build the pool and pool house, landscaping, and parking area.  This would mean a one time assessment of $862 per lot.

$125-150 increase in the annual assessment to cover the ongoing upkeep of the pool–water, electricity, insurance, capital reserves, pool cleaning, pool house cleaning, and phone for emergencies.

The decision to build would require a 51 percent yes vote of the association members. 

To help get a feel for the interest in this, I created the following poll.  Use it to let us know your interest.  You can also leave a comment if you have more to say about this topic.

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