Ideas for Additional Socials

We started thinking about additional socials this week and would like to know what you think about our ideas.


On July 3, we thought we might have a bike parade.  The kids decorate their bikes in celebration of Independence Day and ride them, with adult supervision, around some predetermined route in the neighborhood.  The route likely starts and ends in the park.  Others sit in their yard, or on their porch, and cheer the kids on as they pass by.  Afterwards, the kids get a drink and snack in the park.


On August 3, we join many other towns and communities with our own National Night Out.  We’re not quite sure of the details on this one yet.  The thought is to possibly have some sort of cookout and have Richland County Sheriff’s Department out to talk about safety.


Sometime in mid-October, when the humidity and temps begin to reach tolerable levels again, we thought we might have a family movie night in the park. 

We installed an electrical outlet during our recent community service day.  That makes it possible to set up a laptop and project a movie onto a screen. 


We’ve also had a suggestion to organize a community walk along the Peak to Pomaria segment of the Palmetto Trail.  It’s a very easy trail with lots of beautiful scenery.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.  We’re also looking for other ideas.

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