Sign Work Started

Metro Signs has begun work on our new street signs and posts.  As you can see in the pictures below, they've cut and welded the first set of posts and painted the first set of sign backings.  The first batch of posts and signs should be installed by Wednesday, April 4.  As mentioned in the... Continue Reading →

Sign Posts Painted

Have you noticed the fresh coat of paint on the sign posts throughout the neighborhood?  Board members Maureen Kline and Cris Samuel just completed a multi-weekend project to refresh the paint on all the sign posts.  They volunteered to do this to help maintain the beauty of our neighborhood and to keep the association costs... Continue Reading →

New Street Signs Installed

Maureen and her husband, Ross, installed three new street signs today.  They installed two signs out at the intersection of Waterfall Rd and Broad River Rd.  Those signs had been stolen.  They also replaced a faded sign at the intersection of Whitewater Dr and Whitewater Ct. ADM Signs created the new signs for us.  It took several... Continue Reading →

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