Does It Seem Dark Around Your Home?

Have you noticed that the area around your home is darker than it used to be?  If so, please look around and see if the street light that sits nearby is dimly lit or, perhaps, completely out.  If you find either situation, please contact Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative at 803-749-6400 and report the outage or excessively... Continue Reading →

Lighting at Entrance Now Working

The electrician was out today to work on the lights and it appears he was able to get power restored to all of the standard voltage lighting, including those in the median and right side of the entrance.  We dodged a really expensive bullet there! He also installed a photo switch to automatically turn the... Continue Reading →

Update on Entrance Lighting Outage

I met with the electrician on Thursday of this past week to discuss the situation with the lights that are out at the entrance.  He gave me the tour of the wiring situation—he showed me things landscapers and non-licensed electricians do to cut corners.  A good, licensed electrician will use conduit outdoors, especially when putting... Continue Reading →

Entrance Lights Update

I returned from vacation this past weekend and learned that the entrance lights were still not operational.  Prior to my vacation, we had an electrician out to look at them.  He was able to restore power to a few lights, but not others.  At the time, it appeared as though we were going in the... Continue Reading →

Entrance Lights Out

We have an issue with the circuit that supplies power to the lights at the entrance.  I’ve asked MJS to have an electrician come out and correct.  I have no ETA on the correction.  I’ll post something when I know more.

Lights Out

Carolina Fountain will be replacing the inoperable bulbs around the waterfall while they are out to do the waterfall repair.

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